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Bent's Old Fort Living History Encampment 2008

These are images taken during the Living History Encampment at Bent's Old Fort NHS in June of 2008.  The first groups of images are mainly of the topographical engineers.  The remainder record the activities of other groups within the Fort.  Information on the Living History Encampment can be read here.


_2652jpg_small.jpg _2072jpg_small.jpg _2074jpg_small.jpg img101_2388jpg_small.jpg hpim0055coffeejpg_small.jpg
hpim0056indianjpg_small.jpg hpim0089larabentsjpg_small.jpg _2164jpg_small.jpg img101_2075jpg_small.jpg img101_2176jpg_small.jpg
_2177jpg_small.jpg hpim0058arthorizonjpg_small.jpg img101_2172jpg_small.jpg img101_2181jpg_small.jpg img101_2201jpg_small.jpg
hpim0073porttransjpg_small.jpg scan15_0015_015_small.jpg hpim0059porttransjpg_small.jpg img101_2346jpg_small.jpg img101_2348jpg_small.jpg
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