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Historical Series

These pamphlets are in Adobe PDF form except Vanguard of Expansion.  If you have Adobe Reader, they can be viewed by left clicking on the title or publication number.  The file can be saved by right-clicking and choosing "save target as...".   Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free from here.


EP 870-1-2 Engineer Historical Studies Number One (Journal of the Kearny Expedition of 1845)

EP870-1-4 Vanguard of Expansion: Army Engineers in the Trans-Mississippi West, 1819-1879 (HTML document)

EP 870-1-7 Engineer Historical Studies No. 2 Explorer on the Northern Plains: Lieutenant Gouveneur K. Warren's Preliminary Report

EP 870-1-21 To the Immortal Name and Memory of George Washington (building the Washington Monument)

EP 870-1-37 The Nation Builders: A Sesquicentennial History of the Corps of Topographical Engineers



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