U.S. Corps of Topographical Engineers

Topographical Engineers Serving During the Civil War



Names are taken from the Official Records of the Rebellion and other sources.

 Rank is that mentioned in the Official Records, not necessarily the highest attained.



Abbot, Captain Henry L. 
Abert, Captain  James W. 
Abert, Colonel J. J.
Adler, Dankmar 
Allen, Lieutenant Mundy 
Andrews, Lieutenant 
Angel, Major  Ashbel W. 
Bache, Colonel  Hartman
Barlow, Bgd Gen John Whitney 
Bauer, Lieutenant  G. A. 
Beden, Seth (enlisted)
Beeman, Lieutenant  J. A. 
Beer, Captain  William N.
Bell, L. 
Bennett, Captain Samuel A. 
Berthoud, Captain  Edward L. 
Bierce, Lieutenant A. G. 
Boal, Lieutenant 
Bonnaffon, Major Augustus B.
Boyd, Major Charles Harrod USCS
Boutelle, Charles O. (C.A.)  USCS 
Bowen, First Lieutenant  Nicolas 
Briscoe, Captain  Benjamin F. 
Brown, Lieutenant  G. P. 
Buckland, Lieutenant 
Burroughs, Lieutenant George 
Bush, Lieutenant  Henry M.
Church, Captain Benjamin Silliman 
Cilley, Captain C. A.
Clark, Colonel John S. 
Cole, Captain Leonidas A. 
Collins, Lieutenant  Colonel  C. R. 
Cram, Colonel  Thomas Jefferson 
Crow, Lieutenant George R 
Cushing, First Lieutenant  Alonzo H. 
Custer, Lieutenant George A. 
Cutts, Colonel  Richard Dominicus 
Davis, S.
Day, L. W. Lt. 
Dixon, Lieutenant  J. 
Donn, Mr. John W. (assistant, U. S. Coast Survey) 
Dorr, Captain F. W. (U. S. Coast Survey)
Dunn, Lieutenant H. C. 
Dunning, S. W. 
Echols, Second Lieutenant W. H. 
Ellis, Captain  Milo D. 
Feilner, Captain  John
Fendall, Clarence  Sub Assistant USCS 
Fiala, Colonel John T. 
Fisher, Capt. Horace Newton 
Fisher, Major  W. 
Forsyth, Captain 
Franklin, Captain 
Frick, Lieutenant  Killian 
Gaw, Captain William B. 
Gerster, Captain  Anton 
Greenwood, Lieutenant William H. 
Gunn, Lieutenant  Thomas M. 
Hains, First Lieutenant Peter C. 
Harwood, First Lieutenant  Franklin 
Hayes, First Lieutenant Charles E. 
Heine, Captain Wilhelm (William) 
Heydtman, Lieutenant 
Heywood, Second Lieutenant Harvey 
Hope, Captain James
Hullub,1st Lt. Rudolph 
Humphreys, Brigadier General Andrew A. 
Ingraham, Lieutenant Nathan. D. 
Jenney, Captain William Le Baron
Johnson, Lieutenant  H. C. . 
Karnasch, Second Lieutenant  Julius E. 
Kibler, Lieutenant F. F. 
Kolomb, Lieutenant 
Kuntze, Lieutenant  John Paul 
Le Fevre, Captain Isaac H. 
Lemert, Captain  George A. 
Leski, Captain 
Lewis,Captain  P. B. 
Ligousky, Captain August 
Long, Colonel  Stephen H. 
Luce, William 
Ludden, Lieutenant 
Lyon, Captain Sydney S. 
Mackenzie, Lieutenant  Ranald Slidell 
Macklind, Lieutenant  Thomas H. 
Macomb, Lieutenant Colonel J. N. 
Margedant, Captain W. C. 
Matz, Major Otto H. 
McClellan, First Lieutenant  Carswell 
McComas, Captain  William R. 
McDowell, Captain Robert M.
McElfatrick, Captain Isaiah. C.
McGowan, Lieutenant Theodore

McLoughlin, Captain William
McMillan, Captain
McPherson, Lt. Colonel James Birdseye 
Meigs, Captain 
Mendell, Lieutenant G. H. 
Mendenhall, Captain John 
Merrill, Captain William E
Metzner, Adolph 
Michler, Major  Nathaniel 
Miles, Lieutenant 
Miller, Mr. A. B. (civilian) 
Mitchel, Lieutenant Lebbeus H.
Michie, Captain Peter Smith 
Mohrhardt, Major  Francis 
Newell, Captain 
Nitchey, Mr. F. H. 
Oltmanns, Major J. G.
Oswell, L. C. 
Paine, Captain  William H. 
Palmer, Colonel William R. 
Parke, Captain John Grubb
Partridge, Captain William 
Petri, Major Charles
Pitzman, Captain  Julius 
Poe, First Lieutenant Orlando Metcalf 
Powell, Captain W. Angelo 
Prime, Captain Frederick E. 
Putnam, First Lieutenant  Haldemand S. 
Raynolds, Captain  W. F.
Reed, Lieutenant Charles Wellington 
Reese, Captain  Chauncey Barnes 
Remington, (?) 
Riley, Captain John W. 
Robinson, Captain A. K.
Rockwell, Cleveland Sub Assistant USCS
Roebling, Lieutenant Washington A. 
Ruger, Captain  Ed. 
Russell, Captain  H. Y. 
Schilling, Captain Eugene 
Scofield, Captain Levi T
Scott, Lieutenant 
Scupham, J.  R., 
Seville, Captain William P. 
Simpson, Captain  James H. 
Skinner, Major  C. W. 
Smith, Lieutenant  J. L. Kirby 
Sneden, Robert K. (Pvt) 
Spencer, Lieutenant Frank 
Starbird, Second Lieutenant  S. B. 
Starling, Captain William 
Steele, Captain  J. W. 
Stickney, Lieutenant 
Stockton, Captain Howard
Strausz, A.  USCS 
Strother, Colonel David Hunter 
Taffing, Mr.
Talcott, R. H. Aide USCS
Talfor, R. B. 
Taylor, Captain (?) 
Theilkuhl, First Lieutenant Ferd. 
Thom, Colonel George 
Thorp, Lieutenant 
Townsend, Lieutenant Henry H. 
Tubbs, Captain  George 
Tunica, F. 
Turnbull, Captain Charles N. 
Tuttle, Lieutenant  Russell M. 
Twining, Lieutenant William Johnson 
Ulffers, Mr. Herman A.
Viele, Captain Egbert 
von Koerber,  Captain V. E. 
von Luttwitz, Captain  A. 
von Minden, Major  Henning 
Wagner, First Lieut. Orlando G. 
Wallace, Captain  Frederick S. 
Warren, Brigadier  General  Gouverneur K. 
Webster, General Jos. D. 
Wellman, Captain  D. W. 
Wells, Lieutenant William W. 
West, Captain  P. C. F. 
Weyss, Major John E. 
Wharton, Lieutenant  Colonel  H. C. 
Whipple, General  Amiel W. 
Wickes, Captain  E.  A. 
Wilcox, Lieutenant William H. 
Williamson, Captain Robert S. 
Willsey, Captain  Joseph H. 
Wilson, First Lieutenant  James Harrison
Wilson, First Lieutenant John Moulder 
Woodruff, Major
Worret, Lieutenant Charles 
Wrigley, Captain Henry E.
Wrotnowski,  Lieutenant L. A.




Rank and Name, January 1861 Highest Civil War and Lifetime Rank
 Hartman Bache Brig. Gen. (brevet, 1865)
 Thomas J. Cram * Maj. Gen. (brevets, 1866)
William B. Franklin * Maj. Gen. (brevet, 1865)
Andrew A. Humphreys Maj. Gen. (Vols, 1862; brevets, 1865; Brig. Gen. Chief of  Engineers, 1866)
George G. Meade * Maj. Gen. (Brig. Gen. Vols, 1861; Maj. Gen. Vols, 1862; Brig. Gen. U.S.A., 1863; Maj. Gen. U.S.A., 1864)
John Pope * Maj. Gen. (Vols, 1862; Brig. Gen. U.S.A., 1862; brevet  Maj. Gen., 1865) 
William F. Raynolds Brig. Gen. (brevet, 1865)
Martin L. Smith * Maj. Gen., C.S.A
William F. Smith Maj. Gen. (brevets, 1865)
George Thom * Brig. Gen. (brevet, 1865)
Amiel W. Whipple Maj. Gen. (brevets, 1863; died, 1863)
Israel G. Woodruff Brig. Gen. (brevet, 1865) 
 First Lieutenants
Henry L. Abbot Maj. Gen. (brevet Brig. Gen. Vols, 1864; brevet Brig. Gen.,  1865; brevet Maj. Gen. Vols, 1865) 
Nathaniel Michler Brig. Gen. (brevet, 1865) 
 John G. Parke Maj. Gen. (Brig. Gen. Vols, 1862; brevet Maj. Gen., 1865)
Orlando F. Poe Erig. Gen. (Vols, 1862; brevet, 1865)
Gouverneur K. Warren Maj. Gen. (Maj. Gen. Vols, 1863; brevet Maj. Gen., 1865)
Brevet Second Lieutenants
 James H. Wilson Maj. Gen. (brevets, 1865) 
Former Topographical Engineers
William H. Emory * Maj. Gen. (Brig. Gen. Vols, 1862; Maj. Gen. Vols, 1865;  brevets, 1865) 
John C. Fremont * Maj. Gen. (Maj. Gen., 1861)
Joseph E.Johnston * Gen., C.S.A
Eliakim P. Scammon *  Brig. Gen. (Vols, 1862) 
Joseph D. Webster * Brig. Gen. (Vols, 1862) 
Thomas J. Wood * Maj. Gen. (Brig. Gen. Vols, 1861; Maj. Gen. Vols, 1865;  brevets, 1865) 




2  from Traas, Adrian G., From the Golden Gate to Mexico City --  The Topographical Engineers in the Mexican War, 1846--1848.   Wash., DC, CMH Pub 70-10 (GPO), 1992. 


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