U.S. Corps of Topographical Engineers

Photos from Philmont and Ft Scott, 2006

World News, Washington -- In the continuing effort to secure the nation's southern border, the President has ordered additional troops deployed to the area. Press Secretary R. Snow in a news conference this morning stated that the Pentagon has decided to take a lesson from history and deploy the modern reincarnation of American troops who secured the nation's southern border the first time when they won the Mexican/American War. 

"These troops are 'regulars' by God, and with their muskets, bayonets and outstanding leadership, should bring a satisfactory solution to our current problem," Snow said. 

He pointed out the outstanding record compiled in the first Mexican War and the dedication of these troops.

"We have tried everything else. Maybe it's time to get serious," the Secretary added. 

Nothing was said about how long these troops will be deployed or what their rules of engagement are


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The first Blackhawk lands with the forward contingent of 1840 soldiers assigned to secure the southern U.S. border. 
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Topographical Engineers and members of K Company, 1st U.S. Infantry debark anxious and ready for the challenge.
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Staff, dragoons, and topographical engineers in the salle of Kit Carson's house at Rayado, Philmont Scout Ranch

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