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titleacoma.980.jpg (24226 bytes)

Acoma Pueblo by Lt. Abert

titlebarometer.980.jpg (23032 bytes)

Mr. Mergel takes the morning's barometer reading

titlebentsfort.980.jpg (17050 bytes)

Bent's Old Fort

titlebuggy.980.jpg (18564 bytes)

Mr. Hughes and the instrument wagon

titlecircle.980.jpg (11125 bytes)

Borda-type reflecting circle by Desbordes of Paris, circa 1840

titlecorinthbattery.980.jpg (27209 bytes)

Battery "Powellinett" constructed for the Battle of Corinth, 2005.

titlecorinthbattery1.980.jpg (18661 bytes)

Mr. Chappell inside the covered way behind Battery Powellinett

titlecorinthfog.980.jpg (13054 bytes)

Early morning fog over the Corinth battle field

titlecorinthmap.980.jpg (28025 bytes)

Portion of the map "Field Fortifications around Corinth..." by Capt Fred Prime, 1862.

titlefremontcamp.980.jpg (17446 bytes)

Site of Camp Dismal, head of Wannamaker Creek -- Fremont's Fourth Expedition

titlehills.980.jpg (17429 bytes)

Looking south from the southern foothills of the Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming.  2008 Practicum

titlemexbndry.980.jpg (19343 bytes)

Emory's camp near Brownsville, Texas.  Mexican Boundary Survey.

titleobservation.980.jpg (15488 bytes)

Observation tent with zenith telescope

titleoregontrail.980.jpg (22485 bytes)

Topog camp on Ryan's Hill, Wyoming.  Mr. Elsloo uses the telescope.

titlepaloalto.980.jpg (29435 bytes)

Battle of Palo Alto by C. Nebel.

titlepyramidlake.980.jpg (33453 bytes)

Pyramid Lake by Charles Preuss.  Fremont expedition of 1844.

titleredwall.980.jpg (13635 bytes)

2009 Practicum.  Topogs move off from camp

titleredwallcamp.980.jpg (17629 bytes)

Topog camp 2.  2009 Practicum

titleredwalltents.980.jpg (18103 bytes)

Topog camp 3.  2009 Practicum

titleryanshillcamp.980.jpg (15835 bytes)

Topog camp along Oregon Trail on Ryan's Hill, looking southwest.

titlesaber.980.jpg (21806 bytes)

Engraving on the 1839 Topographical Engineer Sword.

titlestation.980.jpg (11870 bytes)

Survey station on the Mexican Boundary Survey

titletopogs.980.jpg (18688 bytes)

Topographical engineers at Camp Winfield Scott May, 1862

titlewagon.980.jpg (25327 bytes)

Topog wagon, Bighorn Mts. 2008 Practicum.

titlewagon1.980.jpg (35579 bytes)

Descending into Leigh Creek. 2008 Practicum

titlewagon3.980.jpg (34762 bytes)

Top of Leigh Creek. 2008 Practicum.

titlewagonbuggy.980.jpg (19820 bytes)

Supply and instrument wagons at camp 2. 2009 Practicum.

titlewagon2.980.jpg (34992 bytes)

Camp 1. 2008 Practicum

titlezenith.980.jpg (16180 bytes)

Mr. Erickson setting up the Wurdemann zenith transit.

  titlekirby.980.jpg (25948 bytes)

Lt. J. L. Kirby Smith taking a sun shot in Utah



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